Step 5: The Finished Film

After completing all of the editing for the finished film, I exported my work and uploaded "A Splash of Red in a Sea of Blue" onto Vimeo. All of the fatigue that I had previously felt had lifted and I now felt very proud and happy with the work that I had produced. Reflecting back … Continue reading Step 5: The Finished Film

Step 4: Beginning To Edit

Now that all of my raw footage had been shot, my next step was to begin compiling all of my material and beginning the first cut of my anthropological film. Initially, I had decided that I wasn't going to include any music in my film as I wanted the interviews to be very clear and … Continue reading Step 4: Beginning To Edit

Step 2: Preparations and Starting To Film

I had originally intended to interview several people that each expressed different and conflicting political views, however I experienced no end of problems with this. For a start, a couple of people expressly affiliated with UKIP party politics felt that their opinions would not be fairly represented, especially when pieced alongside Labour, Green party and … Continue reading Step 2: Preparations and Starting To Film